What are patient-reported experience measures (PREMs)?

Communicating the unique patient perspective is vital for understanding how to make services better and safer for patients.

Healthcare providers need to understand what ‘good care’ means to patients and exactly what patients experience during their care.

By asking patients questions about their experience using a PREMs questionnaire, it is possible to find out what processes are working well and where things need improvement, so that hospitals and healthcare services can fix them.

The My Colonoscopy Experience questionnaire allows you to report what the colonoscopy experience was like for you, as a patient, because as a patient you can see signs of high or poor quality that may not be seen by staff.

What will I be asked to do?

If you are aged 18-and-over and have had a colonoscopy, we invite you to provide feedback about your experience.

The My Colonoscopy Experience questionnaire can be completed using your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

User-friendly and easy to understand, it takes around 10 minutes.

The questions ask about your colonoscopy referral, pre-admission, care and treatment, interaction with staff, discharge from care and any post-procedure issues.

All responses are completely anonymous to ensure no one can be identified.

However, the option is available to include your contact information at the end of the questionnaire if you would like to share additional details about your colonoscopy experience or would like for a Bowel Cancer Australia team member to get in touch with you.

How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback ensures that the patient’s voice is heard.

With your help we can make real change happen by highlighting what Australians value most – before, during and following a colonoscopy – from a Colonoscopist’s communication skills to their technical ability and their control of discomfort during the procedure.

What else can I do?

You can help us amplify the patient’s voice by sharing the My Colonoscopy Experience questionnaire with anyone you know who has received a colonoscopy in Australia.

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions or would like to know more, contact our Helpline on 1800 555 494 during business hours, or send us an email.

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